What is

This site, which is a WordPress blog, is the interaction contrivance of Trixnix with regards to children, speaking of impression. On Trixnix as such, every site is powered by Google. The colours of the site reflects the colours of the home page of Trixnix. The name Trixnix points to the New Jerusalem, created on internet by me, by God. Kindly look up my profile. Link is also on the link page.

There are social meeting places, out there, as Facebook and the like. And those are fantastic. Nevertheless, July the 13th 2019 aI chose to use this blog as my entrance to the wild, and so for a purpose. And, November the 6th aI decided to make it entirely for English speaking children. Even if not connected, by it, the blog is friendly, welcoming, ordered and clear. And aI don’t have to be much conscious when aI write. Having made the blog the way aI like it, it is only to post, without much code. Benefiting from the service of WordPress is quite new to me. Ai love it, though.