In WordPress, and Blogger also, one cannot use Hyper Text Markup-Language (HTML) in comments. That language is by which web pages are made, normally, and by which one can make fancy things. If you want to use a smiley in a comment, consider the ones aI have gathered in the link below. These are images presented as character like objects, so they will fit nicely. The link opens in a new tab, so that you do not have to leave this blog:

| Internet emoticons |.

The smilies aI use in the blogposts are 16px or 50px wide, and they are to be found presented on either site of:

| Small Smiley |.
| Vacci | on

In WordPress, as in Blogger, one can make use of the code snippets if one in the editor is in HTML mode. If you want the smiley to float in the text, to the left or to the right, kindly put this style code anywhere in the <img definition, outside any "code":

style="float:left;margin-right:12px;" .