You know, dear children, in life there are temptations, and the devil is the figure making a life of tempting people to commit to sin and crime. So on the individual level, and so on the social level, that is, so on the personal level, and so on the cultural level. It is worth while stating both those perspectives, since commitment that very wrong step is, right. And that very wrong step has with desire, to do, and with pride, and most often with sex or money, to do.

You know, aI look on this my blog, being Vaccinius.net, every time aI open it, and wonder if aI should make it lighter. It is a bit heavy, by that prominent colour, and the very clear, though insisting signals on the top. Signals, as a rule, should be light. You may think about why. And another thing, is that in Norwegian we have this word for this blemish, being adjective (like the words “green” or “pretty”), and that is “tydelig”, making that thing natural and common. And aI look on my blog, and wonder if aI should change it. You know, for a long time, also, aI denied myself using bold letters when aI wrote by the data machine. It has with being tempted, to do, being afraid of it.