We will mind Jesus

Let there be no misunderstanding, children: Ai very seldom write on this blog because Satan has me occupied with cleaning and clearing. Ai am sorry about that. And you know, aI had to take down the music players on the children’s pages on Home.trixnix.com . Ai am working on posting again, and aI am finished, in that respect, on the children’s pages in Norwegian. So you see, aI am in motion.

Another thing aI want to say to you, which might be a bit of nice to know, nowadays, is that there are so many stupid questions, today. “What is the meaning of life,” one asks, and, “what is the way. Tell me the way to go.” One wants directives. “Tell me what to do,” lissom. “Order me.” What is to say about that is really one thing, and that is, you should always see to it you are capable of doing well. You should always see to it you are able to show courtesy, show love, and give justice. You see, the sinner is what Jesus called “slave to his sins”. He is on a certain track because of his ill behaviour or criminal acts, and instead of smiling, when you look at him, he will stare at you and ask “what are you looking at.” Right.