Swing tune for small children

Please know, children, yesterday night aI posted a tune for small children on musescore.prixnix.com, and also on sound.prixnix.com, which bears the title “Gynge- og sprettetone”. It has to cope with that, the tune. You see, it is a tune allowing small children to be swaying and jumping up and down. You know they love to do, and aI have addressed the tune to the kindergartens in my neighbourhood (did you know that “kindergarten” is a German term?). The sound of it is accordion, and in the Scandinavian way, aI allow myself to state. The first half is swinging, the second half is jumping.

If you have a younger brother or a sister, you know what you can do. Also, aI am sorry aI have not posted, on this blog, for a while. You know, aI have been occupied. Much tension, there is.