Agg we call it

Two weeks from now it will be my birthday. Ai was born the 29th of July in 1963. And in Norway that is a particular date. We call it “olsok”, in remembrance of what took place at that day in the year of 1030. A battle took place, in which Olav Haraldson died, a man destined to be king, and who ruled a short while. He was the one who opposed that King Knud aI told you about in the previous blog post. That king Olav later came to be named Olav the Holy.

Ai do not know much, about that man. Ai truly believe, though, his family was of Jewish origin. And aI may fantasize about being a son of his, right?

Later in history, the Danish took command in Norway more closely, making use of the technology and the cultural organization which developed. And the Norwegian was also ruled by the Swedish, in one hundred years. And to be governed by foreigners can be harsh. Nevertheless, in Norway there is no historical “agg” towards the Danish, for example. That Norwegian word “agg”, surely, is related to your word “agitation”. Quite the opposite, we love the people of Denmark, and many of us often visit Denmark, in the summer vacation, for example. Ai myself used to go to the south of Sweden, so to Denmark, every summer, camping, with my family, when aI was a child. And what aI state here has a certain bearing. You know, in America, for those of the English language who inhabit that territory, there are black people, native Americans, that is, who are descendants of African people made slaves. And those people are not making up a population in opposition to the white. Quite the contrary, and according to the famous speech of Martin Luther Jr. , they are, and should be, as anyone else.

This short composition aI made the other day. It reveals my feeling of Denmark. You know, if you would pin point what that feeling is, aI surely would make another. Though, this is it.

Feeling of Denmark by Vaccinius

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