Neighbours we are

You know, English children, always there has been much interaction between Englishmen, the Danish, and Norwegians. Around hundred years ago, the sailing from Britain to the north of Norway took ten days. So, to go to the south of Norway would then take four or five days, aI presume. At that time the steamer had taken over for sail ships, or the ships used both sails and steam. Thousand years ago, the ships were more clumsy, and they sailed, only, and they rowed the boat. So maybe the going from England to Norway would take six to eighth days. Ai don’t know, for sure. Anyway, that is not far to go. And thousand years ago was in the end of the Viking era in Norway. At that time, there was a king who ruled both England and Denmark, for a while, and also Norway. His name was Knud. He was born in Denmark. In Norwegian, that name is Knut, and in English, that name is Knot, actually.

See. The Vikings interacted with Englishmen. Not always, though, that relation was friendly. And, when to kill one another is the objective, man is not manly. There are though proof of friendly interaction in the language, both in the English, and in the Norwegian, together with the Danish. Think, for example, of the word “God”, which in fact is “god” in Norwegian, and Danish. And “god” means “good”. And that word “good” sounds totally alike the word “Gud” in Norwegian and Danish, and Gud is God.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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