To overcome

You know, children, when light goes, someone is responsible. And responsible also, are those devils given that Satan responsibility. Think about it. Responsibility … And, what aI want to make you aware of today, is mark. You know, in my neighbourhood, that devil has made a numerous marks in the forest, by placing pins, and branches of trees, and dead trees on specific places, and everywhere. Just to torture, and to make weak. And aI have cleaned. Litter, and such. And cleared. And aI have made marks. Of, or on, those specific places, signalling, here bad has been done. Though, in such a manner, one can relate, to it.


This photograph is from a damage point in the forest near to me. Dunderskogen, or “The Foreign Forest”, aI call it. And see, how beautiful it is. And see, what those memory close must feel. Ai believe several men are buried, on the place. With no gravestones, and only the contamination. Originally. And now, a place to relate to. See: That is the thing. Being able to relate to. Isolating, and marking. That is the thing. Hurt? Isolate, and mark! That is the thing. God bless you.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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