It is past midnight, in Norway, though, this morning, children, aI did something nice, aI believe, by stating the message “give up!” on my blog By a short poem, a locus, you know, in the way Lauren Talley sings it. The point is, the devil is so oriented towards war and conflict. The devil seems to want to fight against God, and to fight love. That is a stupid thing to do, and if the devil by killing, stealing, or lying ridicules what tender and lovable is, as by God, he commits blasphemy, and is set on the wrong path. If so, that person must give up, and totally change soul, meaning, new identity. That person must totally give up. That is the horror of blasphemy.

Here is another way of putting it, by a locus, another from what aI wrote this morning:


When not for Jesus to afford,
the being cannot be adored,
and for that being, Hell awaits,
the loving not as that which hates.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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