Second thought

When thinking of what is the best
one should put judgement eye to test.
Ai mean, think of the child about
to frighten or to ride a goat.

The alphabet

Ai think about it; A – B – C – D. Ai guess the Chinese is much more aware of the look of those letters than one is in the West. And what a work. Ai wonder what happened at “N”.

Moreover; who had the crazy idea of the word “baby”?


Thinking of tomorrow

When aI think of tomorrow, aI think of to be.
Not be damned, though a being by which one is free
as what is always passes, as wind in the air,
and enough is a matter of just being fair.

We have come to conclusion, and by that the earth
once again is a joy and a matter of worth.
And when seeing each other, we will carry on
as the wind carries on from what which once was done.

Coughing from cigarette smoking

Ai smoke cigarettes. Too many a day, aI smoke. And some time ago, aI started coughing. Ai got it aI should try to find a remedy, and God gave me to start the day with vitamin pills called “Blåbær” (blueberry) from Biopharma, produced in Norway. Maybe even the blueberries referred to are Nordic. And that helped – a lot. Even so, from time to time the coughing comes back, and that is always when aI am weak, as from distress, or from drinking alcohol the day before. And God gave me to take a glass of milk, and/or to eat a banana. And that really helps a lot. The production of mucus becomes considerably less severe, and the mucus is considerably less distressing. We all know cigarette smoking is not good for the health. It is my feeling, though, that even if the lunges are dirty, what makes us cough is a weakness of the blood.

Treatment of tooth torture

Those things in my teeth give pain when activated in a certain way. It is not organic influence, so food or drink cannot stop it. To go along with my prayers, the Lord let me rinse the pain giving tooth thoroughly and persistently with mouth cleaning liquid containing fluorine. Immediately, the work of the fluorine is that the tooth is cooled down and the pain weakens. And the Lord let me know that when aI do, aI create a shield by the treated enamel. It works.

Later attention (written 6/6 – 2018 at 07.41):
Ai now rinse my teeth with salty water after the rinsing with fluoride (a decent amount of cooking salt in a glass). Really, aI don’t know what that is good for. What aI think, though, is that fluoride binds itself to organic salt, without reacting with it to create a new substance. Ai know in some countries they attend fluoride to salt, not to drinking water, for the sake of public health care. And if so, the salt will penetrate the tooth and stay. My experience is that the shield gets stronger.

Treatment of infection

Ai believe, though aI am not sure, that Norwegian “betennelse” is “infection” in English, and not “inflammation”, which I am made to believe it is. Satan gave me infections. Due to torture, I got an infection in one of my upper teeth, and a beginning infection in one of my teeth in the lower jaw. When the root of a tooth is infected, the solution in most cases is root canal treatment, or withdrawal of the tooth. The Lord, though, let me eat mayonnaise. Quite a lot of it. That day aI ate half a tube. And aI drank milk. And aI ate bananas. And aI was, by the Lord, made aware of the fact sour drinks or food, like orange juice and grapes, is not good when suffering from an infection.

– Bananas were good for the cells.
– Milk was good for the blood.
– Mayonnaise was good for the resistance of the blood.

– Nuts were good for the heart.

Ai also drank a little bit of water with a little bit of salt in it to ease the pain. A small teaspoon in an ordinary kitchen glass of water.

In twenty four hours the infection was moved from the root canal, being moved from the tooth spreading upwards in the cranium, remarkably less painful. Unfortunately, aI then drank some orange juice. And the pain strengthened. And aI got an infection in the gum above the tooth in the form of a blister, and aI got an infection in one of my little toes, which became totally red and painful. I kept drinking milk and eating bananas, and at one point aI ate a big chocolate bar, and that, the Lord let me know, totally opened up the cells and tempted the bacteria to reveal itself, and aI assaulted the army by drinking a lot, really a lot, of chocolate milk. In twenty four hours the blister in my jaw was gone, and there was no pain in my toe. The red colour of my toe, which aI was made to believe was by then dead blood, disappeared gradually in a day or two.

Treatment against snake poison

If you are bit by a deadly snake, the poison goes directly into the blood, and you must have a special blood to survive. If poisoned by food, perhaps you will survive. Ai was poisoned by cobra poison put in my food. The Lord let me know what disinfected me, was a lot, really a lot, of water, which aI drank. Ai spit a lot, by drinking water, and the spit had bubbles. The water, the Lord let me know, cleaned the cells. In the process of being disinfected, the Lord let me eat

– rice, to clean my liver.
– mashed potatoes, to strengthen the stomach.
– chives, to strengthen the heart.
– bananas, to strengthen the cells.
– milk, to strengthen the blood.