The call upon man

On the top of my blog
this is

One may call it surroundings,
environment too.
And what counts is the findings,
if such takes you through.

My home my castle, I suffered,
if making it plain.
If nothing seen flowered,
my run was in vain.

There is beauty in wisdom,
and beauty in all.
And to fight pain and boredom
to man is his call.

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Take it from there

Well, children, here we are. Ai feel God feels, or thinks, or says, or whatever, “there you are.” Ai feel God let people experience how stupid they have been. And children are especially vulnerable, and children of today in many instances really suffer pain, aI feel. You know, aI am not informed. There is nothing good, with that. Though, that means you will have lot to say in the future.

You know, children are in high esteem, by the Lord. It has with sense and sensibility to do. And we will overcome. From time to time aI feel like a child myself, when the pain is too severe, or, also, as silly as aI am, and you know, aI have made some tunes, lately, which aI have dedicated to children in my neighbourhood. Some are with electronic instruments, and only lately aI have tried to make such. It is funny. To make it really interesting, though, one must know, a bit, and, of course, be God given. Be grateful. My point is, be creative. Create each other by hugs and kisses, and make a drawing, make a song text, perhaps even a tune. Or a poem. Let your minds wander.