The call upon man

On the top of my blog
this is

One may call it surroundings,
environment too.
And what counts is the findings,
if such takes you through.

My home my castle, I suffered,
if making it plain.
If nothing seen flowered,
my run was in vain.

There is beauty in wisdom,
and beauty in all.
And to fight pain and boredom
to man is his call.

Hello children

Hello …

Ai believe, again the children’s pages are all right. The music is now presented by music players afforded by Google. Ai will have to do s’mthing about those on the Norwegian children pages. You see, those are not exactly made for children, though, when aI made a border on top of that thing, it is welcome. And aI wonder what else one can do. Ai must think about it. The music, though, now, is as what it was. Mind the beautiful musicians. One tune aI have taken away. And maybe aI will change the text on those children’s pages, in a while. You know, life is is motion, and certainly aI want to make a presentation a bit different when time has gone.