What we have been subjected to, and experienced, is the worst ever happened in human history, God let me know. It is worse, even, being burned on fire. The broken ones did not only suffer pain and did not only lose touch, – they lost identity, and was forced to live. The hypnotized did not only lose self confidence and power, they were forced to witness what they should be authorized to stop. The pain we feel, is inexplainable. God knows. Please, aI beg you, remember we are sons and daughters of fathers. // Ai love you too.



Forside telefonObviously, there is something about Satan and imaging (Norwegian: billedgjøring). To Satan, to make an appearance is to play a role and to give an impression, and symbols, to Satan, obviously have power. It is as if symbols get power from what they express, to Satan. So, to Satan, to use a cross is to show one has the power of Christ. It is insane, though, this is how it is. It is like with those old African medicine doctors and masks.

We can be conscious of the fact, and use symbols instrumentally. Who wants, though. Satan will think he is determined to test the power. Satan is a package if idiocy. What aI believe will be protecting, though, is the cross, in normal situations. Christ will keep an eye of the use of the cross. And aI have myself now put crosses on both the entrances to my apartment, and, as you see by the picture, on my mobile phone. Ai used a screenshot as a measurement to get the proportions right.

Ai have had crosses on every single site of Trixnix, and aI have made crosses on my computer, and aI have had a cross as my necklace, aI have had crosses on my jackets, and Satan has not given a damned. What Jesus feels about that, one can only speculate about. There should be power in the cross – in the holy spirit.

My desk


It is nice to make a statement. That small white dot on the wall is a white heart aI cut out Smil - liksomfrom paper, and which together with the two holes after two screws makes a pretty smiling face. Ai hardly ever see it. Why not, though. Ai wondered where to put the printer. There is, though, no other room for it in my apartment. That bench to the right is pointing up in the back, and the first printer aI had of this kind stopped working, perhaps, maybe, because of this. Imagine, this is where aI have secured all my poems, all my music and all wisdom presented on Trixnix. This is where aI have created all the web sites. Ai will weep when aI look at it ten years from now. It is a nice spot, a “kosekrok”, though aI wish there was more light.

Where aI sit put


Ai sit here all day long. And, as aI believe many people are aware of, aI have, for quite many years. And the PC is changed. And the loudspeakers are rather new, and so is the printer, and the mouse. What takes place, in those tools, is rather much the same. The environment is improved, though. The curtains should be clean after being washed, this spring. The desk is cleaned rather thoroughly. Ai used technical spirit on the glass of the picture (in fact it is an old “radering”) of Akershus Festning. And lately, aI put up the poster of the “Friends”, to be my friends too. Extravagant, the spot is not, so to speak. Though most often friendly. What annoys me is the lack of light.

The broken toe

Ai know. Aesthetically, it is not. Ai want to show you, though. Ai have passed that keyboard many times for many years, and aI can hardly remember having bumped into it. Yesterday, though, aI was instructed to kick it, with my foot covered only by a sock. That hurt. And the toe went swollen. Some hours later, aI was instructed to go to sleep, and when aI woke up, that toe had begun to get blue, and it really hurt. Obviously, it had been bent, and aI felt it was broken. Ai know. Those people are out of their minds. And hypnotized, as aI am, aI cannot walk very far with that toe.

Ai am sorry about the poor resolution of the photo. This is how photos taken with my cell phone are when aI download them from the sky.

To children and youth

Please know, children and youth, we have never experienced anything like this earlier in history. That evilness, that organized crime, that failure of authorities, that mistrust, has never before occurred. Jesus, we know, warned man by stating the question if there would be any faith on earth when the Son of Man returned. So, we should not be surprised. The force of Satan is though frightening.

We will make the way as we go, step by step, in the hands of the Lord. The Zero point, ai believe, is made, and we are sensible, sensitive, creative, and smart. The technology of past any imagination is made. And we know how to use it.

Ai have a dream

As anyone, aI think the future will be great. It is a peculiar thought, living for a thousand years, and the children will join us. And people will rise. The technology is fantastic, and it is possible to communicate. What shows up as the start will settle things. We will go a way, and in Norway we have this saying, the walk is made step by step.